Nutrition Facts

Nutrition Facts

Get food nutrition facts on over 7,000 items!

If you want to eat healthfully, check out Nutrition Facts, a food fact database for your PC. View full description


  • You can search by food type or brand
  • Search results are displayed in real time


  • Can't export, copy or save data


If you want to eat healthfully, check out Nutrition Facts, a food fact database for your PC.

Nutrition Facts consists of a large food database that you can browse or search in order to find all the nutritional data available for more than 7,000 types of food. You can enter your query by using general names (chocolate, cookies...) or entering certain brands.

Nutrition Facts’ search results are displayed in real time as you write your query. Simply select the food you're interested in and the nutritional information will be displayed on the right. The one thing we missed, however, was being able to copy, print, save or export the data in some way.

Whether you’re a calorie counter or just interested in eating healthfully, Nutrition Facts is a handy program to have on hand.


  • This version fixes Windows 7 64-bit compatibility. Nutrition Facts would simply not run on these newer machines
  • Also of note, the food database has been updated to the latest one available from the USDA, version 23, released in September of 2010
  • Some minor bug fixes were made as well and some significant changes under the hood to eventually support multiple users and diets

Nutrition Facts is a free software application that contains detailed nutritional information on 7519 foods. The food list is fully searchable and is useful for people on diets where fat or carb intake must be limited.

Many additional features are planned, including weight and daily intake logging, as well as customizations for many diets, including Atkins (low-carb), low-fat, USDA recommendations, diabetic, and any other I can get enough information on. Soon, fast food and restaurant menus will be added, and you will be able to add your own foods.

Nutrition Facts


Nutrition Facts